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COVID sucks. I had it in October, my kids have it now. I have lost almost all my time off this last few months stuck in quarantine unable to go out.

But there are some silver linings:

1) I don't have to travel on Christmas Day, which means I can start getting drunk earlier.

2) I get to enjoy my own Christmas dinner, which in my humble opinion is top notch.

3) I am bored enough stuck at home that I have come back to my old haunt of NG for a few days, to find it still as full of porn and shit posts as I remember.

Never change!

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Animating Pico's School 2: Consequences- an original story

Hi Everyone,

Back around 10 years ago I was very active here on NG, and quite a prolific writer in many of the writing competitions that took place. In particular I put together a 10k word epic called Pico's School: Consequences, that won the Halloween writing contest in 2010!

The full story can be found posted on the BBS here:

Story time with Sentio (newgrounds.com)

My dream has always been to see that story animated here on NG, but I have absolutely no animating talent whatsoever, nor the time to commit to such a massive project.

I would be open to any talented animator, or a collaboration of animators who fancied taking on this story, probably over a series of episodes. So long as I was listed as a writing collaborator on the submission I would be happy to give full rights to the story to do whatever you want with it.


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