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I like it!

There are some obvious deficiencies here, mostly in your drawing and animating skill, but the story and music more than makes up for that. In particular the music was fantastically chosen, and really added to the overall entertainment value of the animation. Story wise it was solid, with plenty of jokes (though the final one was a bit cheap and left the animation feeling a bit flat), while I was impressed with the voice acting.

My only real criticism was that the lip-synching was a touch out with the voice acting, and that you can always improve your animations (maybe put more effort into the backgrounds, rather than having them largely stationary).

Still, one of the best animations that I have seen today, so a really good effort.

hankypoo responds:

Hi Sentio, after reading your review i can say that i must agree with you on those deficiencies!! thanks man!! Ahh yes the lip sync, quite difficult but i really want to master it. thanks for the criticism. I agree totally!! I know i will become better. Thanks alot for the review!! I will improve on these things!


Firstly, there is some decent artwork here, and I particularly like your character designs (well done for avoiding the dreaded stick figure). But there are some issues as well which you need to work on:

Sound! This would be an ok animation with just a piece of suitable music playing over the top, but even better would be some sound effects and some voice acting! As it is it is really quite dull with no sound whatsoever, and there is nothing to detract from the poor animating skill.

Animation is limited, and clunky in a lot of scenes.

The text based speaking is frankly dreadful. Most of the time it is flashed up too quickly to read, and even if it isn't the spelling and punctuation is bad enough that it is difficult to understand anyway. Voice acting would have solved both of these problems immediately, so I suggest this in future.

The overall pacing is just a touch too quick- while this helps prevent it get boring, it is simply too fast to understand what is going on. Jut bring the pace down a little bit!

Keep practising- there is some potential here, but you need to produce a more well rounded animation in future, rather than just certain aspects of it.

Not bad, but lots of room for improvement

There is a decent enough plot here, and the artwork is solid if unspectacular, but there is lot that can be improved on.

Firstly include some music! There is a vast source here on Newgrounds in the audio portal if you ever need any, and it would have improved this animation no end. The sound effects were ok, but they don't give any feeling of atmosphere.

Work on your animation skills. There were very few examples of real animation here, with mostly whole objects moving from point A to point B. Try and be a little more ambitious, for example with leg movement, and include a few more moving objects in the backgrounds to give your scenes a bit more life.

Your text based story was solid (barring a few spelling errors- handel...), but it was very slow paced. In particular the animation you used to reveal the text was far too slow, and rather unnecessary. Ideally do away with the text entirely and narrate it with some voice acting- this would immediately improve the whole animation.

Still, some promise here- keep practising and submitting!

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A fair start. The basic mechanics work well, but at the moment there is no skill or strategy here thanks to the limited use of heal and magic. Essentially every battle you use your three attempts with each, and then it boils down to whether you are lucky enough to hit and how lucky you are with the number generation.

More attack options would make for a more compeling game, with variation in how much damage they do balanced by how often they hit. Equally being able to regenerate magic attacks or heals would make using them more strategic. A guard or defensive option would also be useful to try and counter incoming magic attacks.

As it is the only reason to replay is the medals. It would be great to play because the game is fun and rewarding as your skill defeats your opponent, not luck.

This is an utterly pointless 'game', that could have been so much better. In principle I quite like these games where you strategically upgrade a character against increasingly challenging foes, but this game is completely lacking in every area.

For a start your character can't be damaged, so there is no level of danger in the game.

Completely unforgiveable though is the fact that none of the upgrades have any bearing on your character or his attributes. Whatever you do the game continues churning out random numbers, and the experience bar continues to crawl slowly upwards. If the equipment or beer had an effect (even if it just temporarily sped up the progress bar) then there would have been an element of strategy, and thus a point to this game. As it is you are left waiting for an eternity for the character to reach level 100, and unable to have any bearing on this at all.

If nothing else speed the progress bar up, as by the later levels it is mindnumbingly tedious waiting for the next level up. The medals are easy, but boring.

The graphics are basic, and not enough to make this worthwhile- there aren't even interesting enemies at the high levels to make the wait worthwhile. It could have been partially redeemed if enemy types changed more regularly (say every 2 levels) and looked genuinely impressive by the end stages. It would give the player some semblance of reward for making progress.

All in all a poor effort.

A good game, but a bit buggy in places. The main two that I have spotted:

1) Cards moving off the top of the screen as they continue to attack (which as a pain if you can't see the creatures stats)

2) In the league mode you are always given a defeat in the final match, even if you win comfortably. I've played through the league twice now, and the first time I was ahead far enough that the incorrect loss didn't effect my position, but the second time it cost me top spot.

Otherwise it plays well, even if it is very difficult in places. Some of the campaign matches I can't get anywhere close to beating.

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Beautiful. There are other's still producing work for the competition, but this is going to take some beating. I love how both songs are incorporated, and the sound and feel of it are absolutely perfect for the occassion. It's the first piece I've heard that I can really imagine on the big day, and my fiancee was almost in tears listening to it.

We'll see what else is produced in the next week, but I now know that the Newgrounds community has not let me down, and there is at least one track that I can use for the big day. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this.

I'd love to think that as more of the older NG members move on in their lives that I will not be the only one using the audio talent of this website for this purpose.

skyood responds:

I'm glad it works for you guys ... been married for over 8 years now (OMG I'm OLD!!), and am just excited at the idea of being able to contribute to your big day.

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