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Entry #25

Long time no see...

2016-02-05 08:51:12 by Sentio

I went into the portal and voted on 5 UJ entries today.  The first time in over a year that I have deposited my daily experience.

It was a strange feeling.

For the best part of a decade I was addicted to gaining experience and climbing the ranks.  A year ago I entered the top 200 to go with my spot in the top 25 B/Pers.  And yet almost overnight that addiction finally disappeared.  I can't quite explain why, other than life was much much more interesting than anything NG had to offer.  Possibly for the first time in a decade.

I will always be grateful for the many years of entertainment this site gave me (not to mention the song my wife walked down the aisle to at our wedding!), but I will never be an active member here again.  I may pop in from time to time to post (this remains one of the few places I can discuss NFL with people who actually understand the game), but that is the best I can offer.

Thanks to all of you who made this such a great place to grow up and find my place in the world.  Maybe one day my son will be back to carry on the family legacy (I can't believe he is 2 now- 2 years since my last news post!)



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